Saturday, February 23, 2008

West of San Angelo

Friday, February 23, 1990

Late Friday afternoon, I went out west of San Angelo to catch an eastbound heading into town. I got shots of the train crossing one of the bridges over the Concho River near Tankersley.

Santa Fe eastbound crossing the Concho River west of San Angelo

ATSF 2859

caboose reflection

1) ATSF e/b near Tankersley - 2859 (GP35) / 2918 (GP35) / 3006 (GP20) /mixed freight + caboose 999804


El said...

Wes, this has been great fun revisiting the 'good old days' of Santa Fe & UP . . . the locations may be far from southern Cal, but we shared the same trains. Especially like that caboose reflection shot. Nice work! -El

Jason said...

I am now the proud owner of the caboose photographed in the reflection picture. I am currently restoring the inside and am planning to make it the headquarters for my equine ranch. I would like to purchase a copy of this picture from you if at all possible. My --Jason

~Alison~ said...

what beautiful shots! I am from San Angelo and have a family history in the railroads... Really enjoyed your photos!! Thank you for posting!