Saturday, February 2, 2008

Brownwood & San Angelo - February 3

February 3, 1990 : Brownwood and back

I joined a few of my fellow Key Clubbers for a trip to Brownwood for "Spring Rally", a one-day mini leadership conference and community service idea brainstorming session with the San Angelo and Brownwood Key Club chapters.

Me & Natasha at Spring Rally
On our way back to San Angelo, we overtook the Sunday local from Brownwood. After we got back to town, I headed out to the yard to take a few photos.

GP39-2 # 3426 - San Angelo, TX

ATSF 3426 builder's plate

GP30 # 2763 - San Angelo TX

Even way back then I was photographing boxcar scrawls.

ATSF power on hand at San Angelo yard - 2763 (GP30) / 2095 (GP7) / 2814 (GP35 - Kodachrome) / 2708 (GP30) / 3426 (GP39-2)

The next report will be on or about February 10, re-capping a weekend ski trip to New Mexico. Until then...


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