Saturday, January 26, 2008

Late January in San Angelo

At some point in late January (exact date not recorded) I made a quick trip out to the San Angelo yard to see what was on hand. The results were quite typical of what I'd normally see out there on a weekday or Sunday afternoon when the three-day-a-week local from Brownwood was in town. (It ran west from Brownwood to San Angelo on Sun-Tue-Thur, and returned to Brownwood on Mon-Wed-Fri).

GP7 # 2183 - San Angelo, TX - January 1990

B23-7 # 6412 in San Angelo.

Ballast regulator.

Power on hand at ATSF San Angelo yard:

ATSF 2183 (GP7)
ATSF 6412 (B23-7) / 2222 (GP7) / 2709 (GP30)

That's all for today and for this month; next update will be on or about February 3.


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